What is Your Viral Marketing Strategy?

By on September 15, 2016

Have you got one? You don’t understand what “Viral Marketing” is? So many Internet marketers like to throw around the word “Viral Marketing” to sound smart, cool and savvy. But the truth is, hardly any really “obtain it.” Because you want something to be “viral” doesn’t mean it will be!

viral marketing

“Viral Marketing” to put it simply, is where you’re offering something of value so the recipient will want to pass it to others. “Viral Marketing” describes any strategy that encourages individuals to spread a marketing subject matter to others, creating the prospect of exponential development through AutoViral.

Would you or have you ever endured a Hotmail address? This is one of the Internet’s first highly-successful Viral-Marketing campaigns. Consider what the smart imagination at Hotmail pulled off. They provided away email service and addresses. And they attached a tagline in the bottom of each email message sent. “Get a private email account“. Then, they simply stood again as people emailed their network of friends, family and business contacts all over the globe.


A highly effective Viral Marketing strategy should incorporate some sort of giveaway or natural viral element that begs to be passed on and does not scream “sales-pitch”. It could be a controversial or newsworthy video recording or a humorous email or a particular article that deals with a unique way to a challenge impacting on certain individuals.

Additionally you need to make it brain-dead simple for individuals to go your communication on
to others. Make it scalable.

  • Make it interesting!
  • Make it interesting!
  • Make it newsworthy!
  • Controversy sells!
  • Solve a common problem for your market place!

Begin with an end at heart because ultimately you’re promoting your products and services.

Why should anyone feel the urgency to spread your note to others? Would you ask them to do so? Can you provide simple instructions? Your marketing “virus” will pass away a quick fatality unless you incorporate these critical elements. Remember this true point, the quickest way to kill any Viral Marketing message is to be boring!

Decorate your PDF files with cute design and animation style characters to add more personality and pizzazz to your e-books and special reports. Using this method you will deliver more impact, increase readability, raise profits, make a viral effect (if carried out properly), and most important of all you will stick out from the “sea” of boooriiiing PDFers!

One of the fastest ways to be successful is to check out someone else who’s already successful. Find a person who has already been where you desire to be and model them. Do as they do and use the same tools, systems and strategies they certainly. You can learn great social viral strategies which may have been tested and proven to work. Understand how you get your share of the action and start raking in massive profits by harnessing the raw power of free social marketing techniques.

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